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Articles > Gardening > Ten Good Reasons for Using Drip Irrigation

Ten Good Reasons for Using Drip Irrigation

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Vineyard Drip IrrigationInstalling a drip irrigation system is the most efficient way of achieving the lush, green lawn or garden of your dreams. But we thought you might like to know some of the other advantages the drip system confers.

  1. It uses less water. Depending on the conditions, drip irrigation can save 25% to 70% on water usage. This is because the water is not thrown up into the hot, dry air but slowly drips out underground at the plants’ root zone.
  2. It reduces fungal diseases. Supplying water to the root zone decreases the amount of moisture reaching the leaf surface. If you grow plants susceptible to fungal diseases, such as roses (which get black spot), you will appreciate this feature.
  3. You don’t need to move a drip irrigation system every 30 minutes. One of the frustrations of using a conventional sprinkler is the need to frequently move it around.
  4. You know the water is getting to the plants. Overhead sprinklers allow water to puddle in some areas and cause dry spots to form in others. Drip irrigation brings the water directly to the roots of the plants you are growing.
  5. It increases yields. Plants are often stunted or set back by infrequent or insufficient waterings. Drip irrigation brings the water right to the roots and supplies it at a rate slow enough for plants to make full use of it, preventing the drought cycle that sprinkler-fed plants often endure.
  6. It is economical. Consider the savings in water, the increased yields, fewer dead plants, etc.
  7. A drip system doesn’t prevent you from working in, or just enjoying, your lawn or garden while you are watering it.
  8. By adding an in-line fertilizer, you can fertilize and water at the same time. Another work saver.
  9. By adding a timer, the watering will be fully automatic. With this clever combination you almost never need to think about watering again.
  10. It can be installed anywhere. No matter what the situation – raised bed, row garden, borders, or lawn area – drip irrigation is the most logical choice in watering.

  Drip Irrigation Drip Irrigation

Article is courtesy of Lee Valley Tools Ltd.

For more information on drip irrigation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drip_Irrigation

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